Blog 9

Prompt: Using the information from pages 197-215 of our book to guide you, choose a book, story, movie, video game, poem, song, or T.V. show to analyze or evaluate. Your post should be 250-350 words in length, and should include one outside source.

The poem I chose is called There’s A Man In The Woods by Jacob Streilein. It tells a tale of what happened to a teacher who was fired after a child, who is a troublemaker, had told a fib about a man in the woods, and the consequences of what happens after the rumors go too far.

The story starts when the teacher was employed and enjoyed his job of watching over the kids as they picked the flowers off of a bush near the woods, but one selfish kid, Sid, hated that he had to share the flowers with his fellow students. So to scare them away he told the teacher he saw a man in the woods, then the rumors spread throughout the school like wildfire. Soon enough the parents heard the rumors and became concerned for the safety of their children, and they blamed the teacher for not doing anything about it. The school board had no other choice but to fire the teacher. After being fired the teacher tried to get another job but he couldn’t because of his slandered reputation. The teacher turned to drugs and alcohol to fight away the pain and of the stress.  Soon he realizes that he could play along to Sid’s imagination and by the end of the poem he himself is the man in the woods.

The moral of the story is that one person’s selfish actions can cause strife in another person’s life and how society can become paranoid because of a rumor.

Streilein,Jacob. There’s a Man in the Woods. 2017. Genius, Accessed May 2006.

One thought on “Blog 9

  1. I like how you chose a topic that was special in its own way. The information of the poem/story is a little confusing so you could probably clarify or go into further detail of the story to help the reader understand; although it also pushes readers to look up the poem/story on their own.


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