Blog 4

Prompt 4 : Select one subject from the list below that you’d like to learn more about. Then, write a brief paragraph explaining any general thoughts or preconceived notions you have on that subject.

The subject I choose is school dress codes, because this topic has interested me before. Personally I’m not a fan of certian dress codes for school because of how exaggerated they can be. Yes, I’m aware that not all clothes are appropriate to wear during the school day. Although I doubt that seeing someone’s collar bone, shoulders, or even just a bit above the knee will distract a person from learning. Clothing is a type of expression for people, and with strict dress codes it’s like you’re taking away someone’s identity.

One thought on “Blog 4

  1. This is a very intriguing topic that seems to be popular and controversial between public opinion and schools but I like the way you are tackling the subject and providing your own opinions on the issue.


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