Blog 3


Prompt #3: Compare and/or contrast two movies you’ve recently viewed.


When I was younger I loved watching the classic Disney movies, my favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. Years later I was excited to hear that they made a reversion of my favorite Disney classic. So, my friends and I got together and we went to the movies and enjoyed the Disney remake.

It was clear that the animation of the two movies were different since the 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast was live action and the 1991 version was 2d animation. I felt like the 2017 version gave the characters more depth and a better backstory to the characters. In the 1991 version you only know that Belle’s mom died, but you don’t know how she died. In the 2017 version you learned that Belle’s mom died of the black death which gave an excellent background of the character.

I also felt like I enjoyed the 2017 version a lot more than the 1991 version because of the characters and the emotions the actors put into them, and the songs that they had created for the movie. It was during the scene when Belle left the Beast to go to her father, I nearly cried because of the song that the Beast sang while he watched the person who could’ve broken the spell walk away. I also nearly cried when Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Lumiere were singing Days in the Sun which was about them reminiscing about when they were human and missing being human.

I was happy to have watched both versions of the movies because it made me feel happy watching them. I do think that both of these movies were great and I would see both again in a heartbeat, no questions asked

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