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Prompt: Your personal narrative should include several vivid descriptions of various people, places, objects, and events from your past. For this blog prompt, come up with a list of at least five of these that you might want to describe in essay one, and then provide a sentence or two detailing why each is relevant to your subject. Afterwards, choose one item from the list and write a brief paragraph in which you discuss those details about this “thing” that stand out to you the most.

Narrative Essay Topics:

1. Past Classes – A past class might interest your reader about what you have learned. A past class also would help you remember if one specific class got you inspired about what you want to do when you go out into the working world.

2. Family – Family is a really good one because without family you wouldn’t know where you would be. Also family can mean a lot to different people

3. Friendship – Past friendships are fun to reminisce about and thinking about how your friendships effected you can be a interesting topic.

4. New Experiences – Wether moving into a new city/ state, or anything the you tried for the first time. Writing about something new in your life is something that will entertain the reader.

5. New Job – A new jobs always fun but a hard topic, but a reader who is younger might want to learn about the working world.

6. Interests – Interests are always fun, it lets your reader get to know you more.

Paragraph 1:

I feel like writing about your past classes as a narrative would be a nice topic and it meets the requirements, because a class you might have had in the past sparked a interest or may have changed your idea for a career. Some challenges might be that going through flashbacks occur more often than wanted, you would have trouble remembering that class, or you might not entertain the reader. That is why I feel like witting a narrative about a past class would be a challenging but interesting idea.

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