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Prompt #1: Write about your high school experiences with writing. What writing projects were you assigned? What role did research play in the essays you composed for your high school teachers?

My high school writing assignments usually simple and not too complex. I wrote about books, movies, and myself. My freshman year to sophomore year was mostly writing projects on a book we read or a movie I watched, and sometimes I did a persuasive essay. during freshman year I had a whole unit of Shakespeare and I remember writing about Romeo and Juliet, and my project was to write about how the ending could have been different for the two and their friends. As I went through high school the English work became more and more. Persuasive essays were the main priority of sophomore.

Sophomore year we had to write a persuasive essay about what I believed was the most influential event in history. I chose to talk about 9/11 and did a lot of research about how many lives were lost, and went more in depth than what we know.  The research took up a lot of time but I had found everything I needed and finished my essay.  Junior year was slow and honestly, I didn’t do any essays or that many writing assignments. The only writing assignment I remember is for the Edgar Allen Poe section and that was to make up your own little Edgar Allen Poe characters and give a story about them. I never did research for this project but it still was fun to do. It was my senior year where we did the most writing and essays that I’ve ever done.

My first writing assignment was about the story of Beowulf and I had to draw a character from the book and write about why they’re our favorite character. I chose to write about the dragon and how I was always interested in dragons. The only research we had to do was read the book and get to know the character a little better. Other writing assignments were mostly about books we read and a senior goodbye speech. I read Brave New World, Macbeth, Oedipus, The Stranger, and The Importance of Being Earnest. I did writing projects on Brave New World and Macbeth which for Macbeth there were a lot of poems to write and share with the class. As for Brave New World we did an essay about dystopias and we can relate the book to today’s society. Our final writing assignment was our senior goodbye speeches. We would put our thoughts and heart into those speeches, and never before have I heard wonderful speeches. For our goodbye speeches we didn’t have to do any research, you would just write down how you were feeling and that was it.

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